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Hillside Menu of Services

Weave Services

$50 Silver Weave – The Silver comes with a trim and a flat iron. You must leave a portion of your hair out to cover the tracks.

$70 Silver Weave+ – The Silver+ comes with a detailed cut such as layers or a bob. You must leave a portion of your hair out to cover the tracks.

$85 Gold Weave – The Gold is a complete closure and comes with a detailed cut such as layers or a bob.

$95 Platinum Weave – Ideal for bald spots, thinning hair, short hair, or to get more wear out of your weave. We add a net to secure the braids. This weave is available with hair left out or closed in. This weave lasts about 3 months and comes with a detailed cut.

$45 Quick Weave – Bonded tracks. Comes with trim and a light flat iron. $20 additional for a detailed cut such as a bob, layers or a bang. 27 Piece Bonded Quick Weave is $85.

$45 Weave Retouch – The Weave Retouch includes a Signature Wash and Deep Conditioner, rethightening of any loose tracks, and restyling. It is recommended every 2 to 3 weeks to properly care for your natural hair and weave. Proper maintenance will increase the life of your weave.

Additional Weave Services

$10 Mini Braid / Circle Pattern
VAR Braiding Styles (Inquire)
$200 Braidless Sew-In (full head)
$30 Baidless Sew-In (per track)
$50 Braidless Removal (full head)
$10 Braidless Removal (per track)
$25 Just Closure
$25 Closure Replacement
$10+ Pre-service Blow Dry
$10+ Pre-service Comb Out
$15 Corn Rolls (frontal)
$45+ Corn Rolls with hair added
$25+ Corn Rolls without hair added
$60+ Corn Rolls with Ponytail
$65+ Corn Rolls with Weave
$20 Crimps
$20 Loose Curls
$35 Pin Curls
$30 Spiral Curls
$20 Detail Cut

$20 Razor Cut
$6 Razor Arch Eyebrow
$25 Feathers
$30 Feathers & Cut
$20 Flat Iron
$20+ Flat Iron Curl to Straight
$25 Extra Pack of Hair
$25 Invisible Part with Morning Glory
$35 Invisible Part repair with Morning Glory
$10 Strip Lashes
$20 Individual Lashes
$20 Layers
$45 Loose Ponytail
$50 Sewed in Ponytail
$20 Style
$5 Individual Track Bonded
$15 Individual Track Sew-In
$25 Single Track

$25 Splitting Tracks
$10 Trim
$25 Trim & Flat Iron
$40+ Updo
$25 Wash & Blow Dry
$85 27 Piece Quick Weave
$150 27 Piece Sew-In Weave
$20 Resused Hair Weave
$25 Take Out Weave
$25 TIghten Up
$35 Tighten Up & Flat Iron
$25 Uncut Weft
$85 Full Lace Wig
$60 Full Lace Wig Synthetic
$35 Lace Wig (frontal)
$50 Wig Sew-In

Chemical Services

$70 Virgin Relaxer
$75 Highlights or Lowlights
$85 Highlights and Lowlights

$20 Semi-permanent Hair Color
(hairline only $10)
$25 Demi-permanent Hair Color
(hairline only $15)

$50 Relaxer Touch-Up
$35 Partial Relaxer Halo (hairline only)
$65 Permanent Hair Color

Conditioning Services

$10 Deep Conditioner
$15 Theraputic Shampoo & Stimulating Conditioning
$15 Protein Re-Construction
$20 Steamer Treatment

Other Services

$55 Hard Press
$45 Spiral Roller Set
$60 Roller Set & Deep Conditioner

$40 Up-do
$45 Silk Press

$45+up Spiral Rod Set
$35 Ceramic Press
$35 Short Styles