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The Weave Shop Watchung has something new for you. We are specializing in Brazilian hair.
We can tell you with confidence our hair has minimal shedding, colors great, and keeps its moisture due to the high quality. All chemical treatments have been omitted from our hair to ensure the longevity. We have body wave, water wave, deep curl, natural wavy, and straight.

Watchung Menu of Services

Weave Services

$50 Silver Weave – In order to get the $50 special you must leave a portion of your own hair out to cover the track. The $50 sew-in weave comes with a trim and a flat iron. If you would like a detailed cut such as layers or a bob that would be an additional $28. For all weave services there is an additional $30 to have your curly or wavy weave flat ironed straight.

$70 Silver Weave+ – Traditional Silver Weave package plus detailed cut.

$85 Gold Weave – If you want a complete closure where none of your own hair is left out, that is $88 and comes with any cut.

$95 Platinum Weave – is our best weave! This is ideal for bald spots, thinning hair, short hair or if you just want to get more wear out of your weave. The net secures the braides. You can get this with hair left out or closed in. The net lasts approximately 3 months and comes with any cut.

$45 Quick Weave – This weave is bonded and comes with a trim and flat iron. If you would like a detailed cut such as layers or a bob that would be an additional $28.

$40 Weave Touch Up – The Weave Retouch includes a Signature Wash and Instant Conditioner, retightening of any loose tracks, and restyling. It is recommended every two to three weeks to properly care for your natural hair and weave. Proper maintenance will increase the life of your weave.

$145 Vixen Weave – Versatile sew-in that allows you to part your hair in four sections and pull it up. It comes with a trim, flat iron, and style.

Additional Weave Services

$85+ Crochet Braids
$65+ Corn Rows
$65+ Locks
$10 Mini Braid / Circle Pattern
VAR Braiding Styles (Inquire)
$200 Braidless Sew-In (full head)
$30 Baidless Sew-In (per track)
$50 Braidless Removal (full head)
$10 Braidless Removal (per track)
$25 Just Closure
$25 Closure Replacement
$10+ Pre-service Blow Dry
$10+ Pre-service Comb Out
$20 Crimps
$20 Loose Curls
$35 Pin Curls
$30 Spiral Curls
$20 Detail Cut

$20 Razor Cut
$6 Razor Arch Eyebrow
$25 Feathers
$30 Feathers & Cut
$20 Flat Iron
$20+ Flat Iron Curl to Straight
$25 Extra Pack of Hair
$25 Invisible Part with Morning Glory
$35 Invisible Part repair with Morning Glory
$10 Strip Lashes
$20 Individual Lashes
$20 Layers
$45 Loose Ponytail
$50 Sewed in Ponytail
$20 Style
$5 Individual Track Bonded
$15 Individual Track Sew-In
$25 Single Track

$25 Splitting Tracks
$10 Trim
$25 Trim & Flat Iron
$40+ Updo
$25 Wash & Blow Dry
$85 27 Piece Quick Weave
$150 27 Piece Sew-In Weave
$20 Resused Hair Weave
$25 Take Out Weave
$25 TIghten Up
$35 Tighten Up & Flat Iron
$25 Uncut Weft
$85 Full Lace Wig
$60 Full Lace Wig Synthetic
$35 Lace Wig (frontal)
$50 Wig Sew-In

Chemical Services

$70 Virgin Relaxer
$75 Highlights or Lowlights
$85 Highlights and Lowlights

$20 Semi-permanent Hair Color
(hairline only $10)
$25 Demi-permanent Hair Color
(hairline only $15)

$50 Relaxer Touch-Up
$35 Partial Relaxer Halo (hairline only)
$65 Permanent Hair Color

Conditioning Services

$10 Deep Conditioner
$15 Theraputic Shampoo & Stimulating Conditioning
$15 Protein Re-Construction

Other Services

$55 Hard Press
$45 Spiral Roller Set
$60 Roller Set & Deep Conditioner

$40 Up-do
$45 Silk Press

$45+up Spiral Rod Set
$35 Ceramic Press
$35 Short Styles