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Dear Client,

We started this business with the goal to offer quality service for affordable prices. We offer affordable weaves for every woman and we have offered very low prices for years.

We have had a few slight increases in prices over the past few years and effective January 1, 2017 we will have a another price increase in order offset cost increases,  remain competitive in the industry and to ensure our team earns according to the artistry they perform.

We appreciate your loyalty over the years and we value you deeply as our client. We hope you can understand these necessary changes and that we can count on your continued support.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Have a blessed day,
The Weave Shop Management

Warren Menu of Services

Weave Packages

$50 Silver Weave – In order to get the $50 special you must leave a portion of your own hair out to cover the track. The $50 sew-in weave comes with a trim and a flat iron. If you would like a detailed cut such as layers or a bob that would be an additional $35. For all weave services there is an additional $30 to have your curly or wavy weave flat ironed straight.

$95 Silver+ Weave – Traditional Silver Weave package plus detailed cut.

$110 Gold Weave – If you want a complete closure where none of your own hair is left out, that is $100 and comes with any cut.

$125 Platinum Weave – Our best weave! This is ideal for bald spots, thinning hair, short hair or if you just want to get more wear out of your weave. The net secures the braids. You can get this with hair left out or closed in. The net lasts approximately 3 months and comes with any cut.

$49 Quick Weave – This weave is bonded and comes with a trim and flat iron. If you would like a detailed cut such as layers or a bob that would be an additional $29.

$45 Weave Retouch – The Weave Retouch includes a signature wash & instant conditioner, retightening tracks where needed & flat iron. It is recommended every 2 to 3 weeks to properly care for your natural hair and weave. Proper maintenance will increase the life of your weave.

Additional Weave Services

$25 Shampoo & blow dry
$25 Shampoo weave hair
$15 Relaxer (hairline only)
$20 Semi-permanent hair color (hairline only)
$12 Trim
$45 Detailed cut
$29 Layers
$25 Razor cut
$20 Flat iron
$30+ Flat iron curly to straight
$25 Feathers
$35 Feathers & cut
$40+ Spirals
$45* Signature Curls
$30* Body Curls
$35+ Ombre (per bundle)
$10 Deep conditioning
$7 Individual track bonded
$15 Individual track sew-in

$200 Braidless sew-in (full head)
$30 Braidless sew-in (per track)
$50 Braidless sew-in removal (full head)
$10 Braidless sew-in removal (per track)
$95 Braidless sew-in retouch
$120 Vixen sew in
$145 Vixen sew in (with net)
$45 Loose ponytail
$50 Sew-in ponytail
$20 Invisible part bonded
$25 Invisible part (Morning Glory)
$35 Invisible part repair bonded
$40 Invisible part repair (Morning Glory)
$90 27 Piece Quick Weave (comes with any cut)
$150 27 Piece sew-in (comes with any cut)
$12 Mini braid / circle braid
$25+ Corn rows (without hair added)
$45+ Corn rows (with hair added)
$15+ corn rows (frontal)
$65 Corn rows (with weave)
$60 Corn rows (with ponytail)

$35 Lace front closure
$275 Frontal sew-in
$65 Full lace wig synthetic
$200 U-part wig
$250 Full wig
$30 Closure
$25 Take out/Tighten up weave
$25 One pack of hair
$25 Extra pack of hair
$25 Single track
$25 Reused hair
$20 Individual lashes
$10 Strip lashes
$7 Razor arch eyebrows
$12 Comb out

*long and/or thick weave may require additional cost

Natural / Relaxed Hair Services

$35 Silver Style
includes shampoo, blow dry & flat iron
$25* Wash / Blow Dry Only
$35* Flat Iron Only
$40* Up Do

$45 Gold Style
Includes: Shampoo, 3x Condition, Blow dry & Flat Iron
$50* Silk/Ceramic/Hard Press
$65* Short Styles

$65 Platinum Style
Includes: Relaxer, Shampoo, Conditioner, Flat Iron & Curls

*Long and/or thick hair may require additional cost

Add-On Natural / Relaxed Hair Services

$12 Trim
$35 Detailed Cut
$30 Spiral/ Body Curls
$5 Individual Track Bond

$5 Individual Track Bond
$40* Up Do
$50* Silk/Ceramic/Hard Press
$65 Short Styles

$20* Crimps
$10* Flat Twist (Hairline)

* Long and/or thick hair may require additional cost

Conditioning Services

$10 Deep Conditioner
$12 Theraputic Shampoo & Stimulating Conditioner
$12 Protein Re-Construction
$10 Hot Oil Treatments

Other Services
$50* Hard Press
$40* Spiral Roller Set
$40* Up-do
$45* Silk Press
$55* Spiral Rod Set
$35* Ceramic Press
$35* Short Styles

* Long and/or thick hair may require additional cost

Chemical Services

$60* Virgin Relaxer
$20* Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Chemical Services Add-ons
$10* Semi-Permanent (Hairline Only)

$15 Partial Relaxer (Hairline only)

* Long and/or thick hair may require additional cost