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Ewing Plus Menu of Services

Weave Services

$50 Silver Weave – The Silver comes with a trim and a flat iron. You must leave a portion of your hair out to cover the tracks.

$70 Silver Weave+ – The Silver+ comes with a detailed cut such as layers or a bob. You must leave a portion of your hair out to cover the tracks.

$85 Gold Weave – The Gold is a complete closure and comes with a detailed cut such as layers or a bob.

$95 Platinum Weave – Ideal for bald spots, thinning hair, short hair, or to get more wear out of your weave. We add a net to secure the braids. This weave is available with hair left out or closed in. This weave lasts about 3 months and comes with a detailed cut.

$45 Quick Weave – Bonded tracks. Comes with trim and a light flat iron. $20 additional for a detailed cut such as a bob, layers or a bang. 27 Piece Bonded Quick Weave is $85.

$45 Weave Retouch – The Weave Retouch includes a Signature Wash and Deep Conditioner, rethightening of any loose tracks, and restyling. It is recommended every 2 to 3 weeks to properly care for your natural hair and weave. Proper maintenance will increase the life of your weave.

Additional Weave Services

$5 Individual Track Bonded
$15 Individual Track Sew-in
$10 Pre-service Comb Out
$10 Mini or Circle Pattern
$25 Single Track
$25 Reused Hair
$25 Extra Pack
$25 Uncut Weft
$25 Ponytail
$45 Loose Ponytail

$50 Sew-in Ponytail
$35 Lace Front
$60 Full Lace Wig (Synthetic)
$85 Full Lace Wig
$50 Wig Sew-in
$80 27 Piece Quick Weave
$150 27 Piece Sew-in
$25 Invisible Part (Morning Glory)
$30 Invisible Part Repair

$45 Invisible Part Sew-in
$600 Fusions (By appointment only)
$20+ Corn Rows/Flat Twists (frontal)
$30+ Plain Corn Rows (w/o hair added)
$45+ Corn Rows/Flat Twists (with hair added)
VAR Micro & Various braids

Weave Maintenance Services

$30 Halo Relaxer
$25 Weave Removal
$30 Partial Relaxer

$25 Tighten Up
$25 Just Closure

Natural / Relaxed Hair Services

$10 Trim
$25 Trim & Flat Iron
$20 Bob, Layers or Bangs
$20 Cut

$20 Style
$20 Pin Curls
$30 Short Styles
$35 Feather & Cut

$30 Crimps
$30 Spirals
$40 Updo

Add-On Natural / Relaxed Hair Services

$15 Shampoo & Blow Dry
$20 Flat Iron
$35 Shampoo & Flat Iron

$25 Shampoo & Deep Conditioning
$25 Steam Treatment
$35 Shampoo Theraputic & Stimulating Conditioning

$20 Flat Iron Curly to Straight
$25 Protein Reconstruction

Chemical Services

$30 Relaxer (Hairline Only)
$30 Halo
$30 Partial Relaxer
$60 Relaxer ($45 M-W)
$80 Virgin Relaxer

$25 Semi-permanent Color (Hairline)
$35 Semi-permanent Hair Color
$45+Permanent Color
$110 Highlights/ Lowlights
$150+ Brazillian Hair Treatment (By Appointment Only)

$10 Individual Highlights
$65+ Highlights
$65+ Lowlights
$35 Color Gloss

* Extra charge for long, thick hair

Cosmetic Services

$5 Add Brow fill-in
$8 Razor Arch Eyebrows
$10 Eyebrows Waxed
$10 Eyebrows Tweezed
$10 Eyelash Removal

$7 Eyelash Maintenance
$10 Strip Lashes
$20 Individual Lashes
$30 Mixed Length
$5 for additional pack of individual Lashes

$8 Upper Lip Waxed
$10 Chin Waxed
$25 Face Waxed

TWS Angels

The Salon experience for your little someone special : Kids ages 3 to 13

$20 Shampoo & Flat Iron (Relaxed hair)
$15 Ponytail w/Bows

$30 Cornrows Natural Hair (Basic hair style)
$10 Added Beads
$35 Cornrows w/Hair

$25 Relaxer w/Flat Iron
$30 Press and Ponytails
$40 Virgin Relaxer

All styles include shampoo and instant conditioner. Longer or thicker hair may require an additional charge.

TWS Signature Hair

Our Signature Straight Hair is perfect for those wanting a slightly thicker texture of hair that holds a great looking curl. It is extremely natural looking, similar to a relaxed texture of hair.
$60 10″ Straight
$65 12″ Straight
$70 14″ Straight
$75 16″ Straight
$85 18″ Straight
$95 16″ Straight

Our Signature Curly Hair is extremely versatile. When wet, the curls are very defined and full. The hair can also be straightened to resemble a relaxed texture of hair.
$75 14″ Curly
$90 18″ Curly

$10 OFF COMBO Purchase any three bundles of Signature Hair and receive $10 off your purchase. Create a layered look with a 10″, 12″ and a 14″ or go daring with an 18″ , 22″ and a 26″! The possibilities are endless.

TWS Products

$8 Volume Clarifying Shampoo
$8 Moisture Benefits Shampoo
$8 Moisture Balancing Conditioner

$11.99 Shampoo
$14.99 Deep Conditioner
$11.99 Hair Silk

$12.90 Natural Curl Cleanser
$10.90 Natural Moisturizing Conditioner
$11.90 Natural Daily Moisturizing Lotion
$9.90 Therapeutics Anti-Itch Shampoo
$9.00 Moisture Retention Conditioning Shampoo
$7.90 Instant Express Moisture Conditioner
$8.50 HYDRATE Leave-In Conditioner
$7.90 Oil Sheen Spray
$9.90 Holding Spray
$13.90 Formations Spritz
$9.90 Nutriment Rx Creme Hairdress

$14.99 Edges

$15.00 Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo
$18.00 Leave-In Conditioner
$15.95 Ends Repair
$10.00 Nourishing Hair Mask
$16.00 Holding and Defyning Spray

$17.99 Hair Milk
$10.50 KeraCare Weave and Extensions Shampoo
$15.00 KeraCare Weave and Extensions Conditioner FHI GO
$69.99 1 Inch Ceramic Tourmaline Styling Icon

$35.00 Soft Rose Mist (Sew-In Antiseptic)
$35.00 CocoMint Treatment

Hair & Scalp Analysis Services

$40 Analysis – (microscopic pictures kept on record to keep track of progress. Great for clients with Alopecea and Hair thinning)
$29.99 Hair Growth Vitamins
$19.99 Folicle Therapy
$9.99 Analysis Check-ups


$25 Doobie/ Roller Set ($20 M-W)
$35 Press & Curl
$35 Spiral Roller Set
$55 Spiral Rod Set

$40 Special Occasion Styling
$45 Hard Press
$10each Goddess Braids
$15each Fish Tails

$45 Twists
$65 Locks ($45 M-W) Includes wash & simples style
$85 Locks Start-up

VIP Services

$25 Front VIP – This is mostly used on our walk-in days. This allows you to book a stylist of your choice along with a scheduled time. This appointment will be in the front.

$40 Privacy VIP – This can be used any day during the week. If you desire your privacy, this is for you. This is done in our private VIP Suite. You can choose the stylist of your choice along with an allotted time for your appointment. (Appointments that are over 3hrs are an additional charge)

$185 Suite VIP – This service is done in our VIP suite. Movie of your choice from our vast selections. Eyebrows – razor, individual or strip lashes, deep conditioner treatment, trim of your natural hair and sew in package of your choice w/detailed cut such as bob, layers or a bang. A great gift to give or recieve!!!